Popular Chinese Firm Cheetah Mobile Launches Crypto-Wallet

The Chinese tech giant Cheetah Mobile has announced this week it just launched a new multi-cryptocurrency wallet that stores bitcoin core (BTC) and ethereum (ETH). The firm’s ‘Safewallet’ features a three-tiered security defense system with an intuitive interface. Also Read: Markets Update: Bears Claw Cryptocurrency Prices Down to New Lows Cheetah Mobile Introduces BTC/ETH Compatible Wallet Cheetah Mobile is a mobile

Leaked Document Appears to Show NSA Infiltrated Cryptos, Tor, VPN

A photograph posted on imageboard 4chan appears to show a leaked 21 August 2017 memorandum from the US Army Cyber Protection Brigade. The document alludes to the US Army teaming with the National Security Administration (NSA) in ongoing successful investigations against “Tor, I2P, and VPN,” with a request for additional funding for further projects against cryptocurrencies. Also read: Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Bank of Russia Allows Crypto Mining But Proposes Miners Sell Their Coins Overseas

The Bank of Russia said it will allow cryptocurrency mining in the country, given tax, control, and reporting considerations. However, the central bank also proposes for crypto miners to sell their coins overseas, which will still oblige them to pay taxes. Also read: Japan’s DMM Bitcoin Exchange Opens for Business With 7 Cryptocurrencies Bank of Russia Allows Mining The Russian central bank has

Japan Unfazed By Recent Exchange Hack Realizing Cryptocurrencies Not to Blame

Japanese investors are undeterred by the recent Coincheck hack and the general public is now more interested in cryptocurrencies due to the constant hype in the media. Bitflyer, Japan’s largest crypto exchange by volume, is seeing a rapid increase in the number of registered users. “Ironically, many people got interested in cryptocurrencies after this incident,” an executive of the exchange

AMD Increases GPU Production to Match Crypto Mining Demand

Responding to strong market demand, AMD is planning to increase production of graphics cards which are currently in short supply. The recently launched RX Vega GPUs have virtually disappeared from shelves, with crypto mining gaining popularity among investors and enthusiasts. The revenue from the company’s Graphics Division has reached almost a billion dollars in the last quarter of 2017. Recognizing

Tether Printed One-Third of All USDT After Receiving Subpoena

Following the recent announcement that Tether received a subpoena from the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission on the 6th of December, it has become apparent that over one-third of the total supply of Tether was created after the date of the subpoena’s delivery. Also Read: U.S. Regulators Send Tether and Bitfinex Subpoenas Supply of USDT Increases Significantly Following December 6th

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