cex.io exchange review

Cex.io Exchange Review

January 2018 Update: Recently I’ve been noticing an increase of users complaining about CEX.io. I suggest reading the reviews I’ve mentioned in this post and the comments in the comment section and judging for yourself.  Also starting from Jan 28th CEX.io no longer allows USD withdrawals so if you deposit/withdraw in USD stay away from this exchange. Bottom line, trade with

Coinbase Exchange Review

Coinbase Exchange Review

Coinbase is reputed to be the world’s largest Bitcoin broker, currently serving a total of 32 countries (although this may soon drop to 31 as Vogogo, their Canadian payment service, shuts down). In addition to direct sales of Bitcoin at, or close to, the current average market rate (plus 1.5% fee), Coinbase facilitates low fee (0.25% for takers) trading of

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