How to avoid Myetherwallet Phising For Newbie

Myetherwallet is popular wallet for ethereum and derivative token, they are very simple and fast website. It makes scammers take advantage of opportunities to create fake myetherwallet websites, once you got trap your balance will send to scammer address.

Many myetherwallet phising website out there, Digital Asset ID provide few simple tips to avoid myetherwallet phising website.

How to recognize real myetherwallet and avoid myetherwallet phising.

  1. Please remember, myetherwallet using dot COM top level domain. You can find many myetherwallet not using dot Com. So they are phising website.
  2. Read character carefully, real myetherwallet is M-Y-E-T-H-E-R-W-A-L-L-E-T. I seen some scammer using not valid charater such as myetherwalliet, myetherwaliet.
  3. Don’t ever login to myetherwallet using link from forum, blog, shortlink, etc. Ussualy they will link you to fake website.
  4. If you clicked link, look at image below to identify real myetherwallet. Look at their SSL (green bar), the real one is MyEtherWallet Inc (US), also look at URL.myetherwallet phising tips digital asset
  5. Bookmark real myetherwallet


Hope this simple tips can help everyone and please be carefull with phising website



Source : Digital Asset

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