Cryptocurrency Portfolio Calculator is web based tools to calculate return of investment your investment in cryptocurrency. This is bit different with Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker, Cryptocurrency Portfolio Calculator need to input coin/token manually every time you view this page and so you don’t need to register in our website. Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker need to register in our website and then input your coin/token at first, so every time you come back to view report of your crypto investment you don’t need to input coin/token again and again.

Note :

  1. Cryptocurrency Portfolio Calculator you don’t need to register but you need to input coin/token every time.
  2. By default we give you 10 coin for Cryptocurrency Portfolio Calculator, if you not see your favorite coin you can add or remove coin

How to use Cryptocurrency Portfolio Calculator

  1. Click customize to add or remove coin/token
  2. Enter your Quantity of coin/token
  3. Enter your purchase price in USD
  4. Click Save