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Investment / What is the best investment strategy
« on: August 03, 2019, 01:47:05 PM »
Hello, I have little money to invest and i'm a novice in investment. In this case i don't want to invest money in HYIP or any others pyramid schemes. What is the best investment strategy


Xiropht (XIRO): Fast, Lightweight and Portable Centralized Cryptocurrency

Coin Name: Xiropht
Coin Ticker: XIRO
Type: Original, done from the scratch in C#.
Algo: Xiropht,  Summary:
Max Supply: 26000000 XIRO, extend by +0.1 to +0.5 XIRO per day
Block Lifetime: 30 seconds * difficulty length.
Emission: ~3000-8000 XIRO/day, depending on mining activity and luck on probability.
Block reward/halving: 10 XIRO/block    No halving
Premine/dev fee: Pre-mine is zero.  Testers were rewarded and allowed to keep coins they mined during dev phase.   Dev fee is from Anonymous transactions fees.
ARM minable: Yes

- Birake:

Coin Gecko:
Block Explorer:
Transaction Explorer:


Summary: Xiropht is a centralized cryptocurrency.
Payments are processed and verified on a single central point. Xiropht is fully developed under the
C# programming language. Xiropht tools are not limited
to Windows systems, they can be ported to other systems such as Linux, Android and others by
external and valid technologies such as Xamarin and Mono.
Several points provide access to the network of the centralized Blockchain. Xiropht aims to prove
that mining can be protected in real time against ASIC's without going through a Soft/Hard Fork
and without the need to submit any significant updates to users or to important network points of
the cryptocurrency, such as Seed Nodes and Remote Nodes to keep them compatible with the

1. The purpose is also to propose the possibility to send transactions and received them in a fast way
by being only linked to the natural activity of the users on the sending of the transactions and not
with the mining operation. Also that it is possible to link each amount contained in a total wallet
balance to an identification number of the mining block to ensure that the amount does exist and is
not duplicated.

2. One of the main functions is also to give the total user balance linked to a bulk mining amount list
without the need to synchronize all data of the Blockchain, while putting in provision the history to
the users, while encrypting the transactions carried out so that it is only read by the users concerned
with a specific transaction.

3. As mentioned before, Xiropht is a centralized cryptocurrency, so it is possible that maintenance is
performed and can thus temporarily block access to the Blockchain.
To guarantee the security of the data, several backup systems have been set up, namely an internal
copying of the encrypted data over a regular interval, and a mirror system making it possible to
copy the data of the Blockchain in realtime set up on several servers.
These maintenances are also intended to improve the Blockchain, and it can that if necessary a
Soft/Hard Fork is set up for this purpose. Moving the Blockchain to more powerful servers can
also happen if necessary.

Our current Roadmap of Development of this year:

Current exchanges target in progress:

- Yobit | Progress Status: (Probably possible, cost 0,5 BTC)
- TradeOgre | Progress Status: (No responses received yet)
- Crex24 | Progress Status: (Probably possible, cost 1.5 BTC)
- HitBTC | Progress Status: (Response received, discussion started)
- Qtrade | Progress Status: Need votes:

This ANN can be updated anytime in the case to provide a complement of informations

Official website:
Official github repositories:
Official Discord:
Official Telegram:
Official Twitter:


Check Out The Ether-1 Project Discord Channel

Ether-1 is an Ethereum based blockchain that integrates POW and a three tier masternode system to secure the network. Ether-1 uses the collective power of hundreds of nodes to power ethoFS, a fully decentralized web/Dapp hosting platform that uses a combination of a blockchain indexing system and the IPFS protocol to deliver decentralized content on-demand. Users can interface with the ethoFS network through variety of ways, including an innovative instantaneous browser based node, allowing them to drag and drop content they wish to deploy and index on the blockchain. The browser based node automatically uploads and replicates the content to the entire network. The ethoFS system is a fully functioning website hosting solution utilizing the node network for storage and bandwidth. Masternode owners are paid through a block reward, and receive a share of the profit generated by hosting fees, an innovative way for node owners to take ownership in providing network functinality and security.

Ether-1 is a clone of the popular Ethereum protocol; built on the same code-base but takes decentralization much further by promoting node ownership via incentivization and by utilizing this same node network to decentrally store and deliver content on-demand. The network uses a Proof-of-Work (POW) algorithm for consensus generation and will evolve as the greater Ethereum network adopts various protocol changes. This POW consensus is supported by and incentivized by the tradeable currency that the entire network runs on, ETHO. This tradeable currency is utilized as an incentive to the general public to support the network via mining (using the POW algorithm) and secure the network by running a node of their own. The network offers the ability to run three types of nodes: Gateway Nodes (30,000 ETHO required) Masternodes (15,000 ETHO required) and Service Nodes (5,000 ETHO required). These nodes secure network by promoting decentralization and contribute storage and bandwidth to the content sharing/storing protocol that is built on. All of these features/resources are utilized to power the main goal of this project which is to provide a service of decentralized website & content hosting. The node system uses a form of the Interplanetary File Protocol System (IPFS) to store, propagate and deliver content to end users. Ether-1 will be providing a custom top-level domain that directly identifies hosted data via the decentralized system. To the general user, this will appear very similar to traditional centralized hosting services, however will provide them a robust, redundant, decentralized solution that is identifiable by a top-level domain. A user’s data will be hosted almost everywhere, greatly increasing the accessibility, security and availability due to the vast node network on which it will be hosted.


Name: Ether-1
Symbol: ETHO


Important Links:

Masternode Info:
Network Stats:
Web Wallet:
Monetary Policy:
Ledger Nano S Support:

Network Specifications:

No Premine
Algorithm: Ethash
Target Block Time: 13 secs
Block Reward Schedule:
Network ID: 1313114
RPC Server:

Gateway Nodes/Masternodes/Service Nodes:

Ether-1 has three types of nodes, Gateway Nodes require 30,000 ETHO, Masternodes require 15,000 ETHO, Service Nodes require 5,000 ETHO.  Gateway Nodes are the backbone of the EthoFS platform.  Setting up an Ether-1 node usually takes 20-30 minutes. The install is largely automated, and the process is clearly documented.  First time Linux users are usually able to complete the install without issues, join our Discord channel if you have questions.  ETHO funds do not live on the VPS, they remain in your control.  Because we are supported by Ledger, node collateral can be cold staked on a Nano S.  All the information you need including hardware requirements, setup guide, daily node payouts, node distribution map, and your node dashboard can be found here:

Contact us:
[email protected]


APRIL 2018
Website/Branding (Complete)
Initial website completed prior to mainnet release. (Complete)
Ether-1 Block Explorer (Complete)
Ether-1 Web Wallet (Complete)
Network Statistics Viewer (Complete)

MAY 2018
Ether-1 Mining Pools (Complete)
Mining Pool(s) Ready For Mainnet Launch (Complete)

JUNE 2018
Desktop Wallet (Complete)
Exchange Listings (Complete)
Stocks.Exchange/ (Currently Listed)
MapleChange (Currently Listed)
Mercatox (Currently Listed)
Graviex (Currently Listed)

Masternode/Service Node Deployment (Complete)
Beta testing for both node types by end of August (Complete)
Begin Mobile Wallet Development:  (Android wallet complete, iOS Wallet in beta)

September 2018
Advanced Masternode Deployment:  (Complete)
Advanced Masternode/Content Sharing Protocol: Q4 2018 (Complete)

Decentralized Hosting Solution Development (Complete)
Alpha Testing of ethoFS Nodes (Complete)
Development of ethoFS Hosting Front-End (Complete)

Gateway Node Testing/Development (Complete)
Gateway Nodes Will Support All Application Specific Responsibilities of Decentralized Hosting
Gateway Nodes Alpha/Beta Testing (Complete)
Begin of Public Content Hosting Test (Complete)

Advanced ethoFS Deployment (Complete)
Gateway Nodes to Be Deployed (Complete
Expansion of Public Content Hosting (In Process)

Q1-Q2 2019 & BEYOND
Custom Top - Level Domain Deployment
Entity Structuring & Top Level Domain
ethoFS Network To Be Fully Operational
Corporate/Business Entity Structure Strategy Begins
Community To Help Decide on Future Direction
Fully Decentralized Social Media Platform

Social Media:


Mining Pools:





Website - Blog - Twitter - Telegram News - Telegram Chat - Bounty - Whitepaper

We are very excited to announce our first IEO will be held on August 20th, 2019 with ProBit, one of the fastest growing token exchanges this year. AMGold is the worlds first deflationary esports cryptocurrency token. Our esports app is currently in live beta supporting PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) as our first game.

Download the esports beta app for PC today.

Click Here to Signup for a ProBit Account.

Website - Blog - Twitter - Telegram News - Telegram Chat - Bounty - Whitepaper



* No pre-mine
* Super secure hashing
9 rounds of hashing from 6 hashing functions
(blake, bmw, groestl, jh, keccak, skein)
3 rounds apply a random hashing function
* CPU / GPU mining
* Quick block generation: 30 seconds
* 2048 QRK per block (halving every 60480 blocks ~ 3 weeks)
* Block reward will never drop below 1 QRK
* Total of 247 million QRK will be mined in ~6 months, after that ~0.5% p.a inflation
* Difficulty re-targets every 20 blocks (maximum 10% up or 50% down)


Source code


Windows Qt wallet



Recent release history

29 Nov 2017 - Enable POS by default
27 Nov 2017 - Disconnect old peers, disable POS by default
13 Oct 2017 - Hybrid POS/POW upgrade
03 May 2017 - Checkpoints
22 Apr 2017 - Improved syncing
21 Apr 2017 - Disconnect old peers - Required upgrade for all Quark 0.9 wallets
09 Apr 2017 - Start signalling for BIP66 (strict DER checking)
02 Apr 2017 - Core 0.10 upgrade
15 Jun 2016 - Update (Checkpoint, Win installlers, OSX build)
06 Oct 2015 - Checkpoint
11 Sep 2015 - Checkpoint. Update seed nodes.
31 May 2015 - Checkpoint. Update seed nodes.
18 Jan 2015 - MedianTime fix. Checkpoint.
17 Jan 2015 - Checkpoint, OpenSSL fix.
25 Oct 2014 - released.



Block explorers


Home -
Slack invite - Here
Slack -
Reddit -

Mining Pools

Hash Refinery:

Standalone miners CPU & GPU

CPU Miners

Cp3u Miner

Discussion page:
Downloads :  (for Windows etc)

Other CPU miners

Neisklar's Quark version of CPU Miner (source code):
Original release of Neisklar's Quark CPU Miner (source code) -

GPU miners


Discussion page:  < please check in on this discussion page for latest, GPU miners are new.

Smolen's GPU miner thread -

Solo Mining instructions

* Launch your wallet with -gen=1, or add "gen=1" to your quarkcoin.conf file, or type "setgenerate true -1" from the debug console

Pool Mining instructions

* Get CPU or GPU miner from above links
* Follow instructions from each discussion topic
* VPS mining guide:
* Various optimised standalone miners available

This thread is self moderated. We want to promote a positive and open discussion regarding Quark's new direction. Please be respectful to all other individuals posting in this thread. Disrespectful and inflammatory posts may be subject to moderation.

Welcome to the future of the

PointPay is a revolutionary blockchain-powered online platform with a unique combination of features, including the full-spectrum PointPay Crypto Bank, PointPay Multi-Currency Wallet, allowing customers to send instant peer-to-peer wires, and PointPay Crypto Exchange platform that provides PXP token holders stacking-based profit sharing model of paying dividends.

Our goal is to build all-in-one solution for secure and instant transactions in crypto and fiat currencies!


A new direction in the crypto market: manage, save and grow your capital with PointPay. We are building a unique all-in-one solution for the global market.

Buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrency with confidence. Convenient interface and helpful tutorials make trading easy whether you are a newbie or a pro.

Now you can send and receive crypto and fiat currency to other members of PointPay platform. Enjoy secure, fast transactions with our lowest fees!


Hurry up to invest in one of the best fintech companies of 2019!
The number of tokens is limited! Are you in?

UPDATE. June 1, 2019: Technical Paper v.1.0 published

UPDATE. June 13, 2019: Analytical study by PointPay Research Department

UPDATE. June 21, 2019: PointPay Live Roadmap published

UPDATE. July 26, 2019: PointPay IEO token sale on the VinDAX exchange on August, 1st, 16:00:00 UTC

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