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New Cryptocurrency Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] TOREX - In Trade We Trust
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What is Torex?

Torex is a multifunctional, blockchain platform for cryptocurrency trading. It consolidates different trading strategies, exchanges, coins, and analytical tools in a single place where users can trade and make money. The mobile version is as functional as the web version, which gives traders the possibility to take all advantages of mobile trading.

New trading avenues with Torex

Tracking cryptocurrency rates on different exchanges all in one place.

From embedded news aggregators to detailed technical analysis.

Fast operations with any coin or token from different exchanges.

Unlimited choice between copy trading, margin trading, arbitrage and more.

P2P transfers right from your Torex wallet.

Full-functionality on all devices.

How does it all work?

Who benefits from Torex and how:




Creating MVP Mobile version for Android and iPhone apps. Increasing brand awareness, networking with investors, experts and journalists. Conducting preliminary economic and market research in cooperation with the experts.


Designing MVP Web version. Working on Guru and Student interfaces. Expanding and strengthening of the network. Undertaking in-depth technical and economic studies in cooperation with the experts.

Developing Universal Arbitrage Platform for both Mobile and Web versions. Specification of universal trading techniques algorithms, for instance, margin trading, copy-trading and arbitrage. Automatic user rating mechanism formulation. Pilot testing of Android and iPhone applications.

Progress towards fully featured DeskTop version and continue working on Universal Arbitrage Platform. Developing advanced analytical tools like Portfolio Management, financial and technical analysis. Working on Torex messenger with embedded news aggregator and analytical features. Pilot testing of Web and DeskTop versions.

Promotion and finalization of such additional handy services as P2P exchange, P2P. Lenging, Mobile Crypto Wallet, etc Finalization of Robot Testing Platform for pro traders and its testing. Final parallel testing of all Torex versions. Intensive market activities in relation to the upcoming launch.

Relevant Documents

WhitePaper v.2.1 ru | WhitePaper v.2.1eng



Infinito provides an ecosystem of blockchain products, services, and solutions for users and businesses to manage and grow crypto wealth, build and enjoy blockchain applications, and make and receive payments securely in a few clicks. Infinito provides a safe place for every user to manage their crypto wealth, enjoy the applications they love and will love, and make payments in just a few clicks. At the same time, we provide a scalable application delivery platform that enables blockchain applications to be built efficiently, effectively connects to the user community, and give users a seamless crypto payment experience.

Infinito’s vision is to drive true blockchain mass adoption, from both the users and applications perspectives, by solving the problems of safety, inaccessibility, and poor payment experience they are facing in the decentralized world.



Infinito Ecosystem - Mission & Vision

AMA - NEO x Infinito - 20th August

AMA - IOST x Infinito

AMA - Ontology x Infinito


Professional team of 50+ experts with intensive experience in blockchain technology including technical developers and researchers, business and marketing executives, designers, quality control engineers, and customer service officers.


Here you can download our strategic documents presenting our vision and ecosystem

                                   LITE PAPER                BUSINESSES DECK                    INFINITO ONEPAGE                      INFINITO TOKEN AUDIT REPORT  
                                    ENGLISH                     ENGLISH                                   ENGLISH                                        ENGLISH
                                                                                                                          JAPANESE                                      CHINESE
                                                                                                                          CHINESE                                        INFINITO TOKEN RATING REPORT
                                                                                                                          RUSSIAN                                        ENGLISH

Infinito Technology Ltd. is a leading blockchain technology house. We help businesses of all scales easily realize blockchain values to their business. We are registered in British Virgin Islands.


OmniStore is a multitool for exploring the cryptocurrency world

OmniStore website
OmniStore Wiki
OmniStore coin explorer
OmniStore whitepaper

Starting from a secure OmniStore.Online wallet and OmniStore.Mnemonics service that are 100% working products,
OmniStore is developing a bunch of services that will make cryptoinvestors' life easy and comfortable.

OmniStore combines all functions of the most popular services:

OmniStore.Online - an online multicurrency wallet with fully user-end transaction signing
OmniStore.Local - a fully functional local (Win, Linux and Mac) multicurrency wallet for PoW and PoS coins
OmniStore.Mnemonics - a mnemonic service for wallets recovery and generating one-time use wallets on the fly
OmniStore.Bazaar - a direct user-to-user trading service with secure trades system

OmniStore.Online and OmniStore.Mnemonics services are launched and ready for usage:


OmniStore is a non-ICO project

OmniStore does not conduct a coinsale backed with promises of possible future products.
The main OmniStore functions have already been created and can be used
in the OmniStore.Online wallet and in the OmniStore.Mnemonics service.
The development of the core OmniStore features was funded by developers' own investments.

OmniStore coinsale is launched to compensate developers' expences,
to spread the OmniStore coin that is used as a payment in paid OmniStore services
and to collect funds for further development.

Already on exchange

OmniStore coin

OMNS coin is a PoS/Masternode coin, created as the exclusive means of payment in the
OmniStore infrastructure, like Ethereum for smart contracts. The OMNS blockchain is
supported by a masternode network. Any OMNS masternode holder will receive passive
income from MN’s work with OMNS coins according to the masternode rewards policy.

Most MN coins declare artificially high ROIs (above a thousands percent) measured in their
own coins. That is obviously nonsense, because investments are made in BTC, ETH or
another highly liquid coin. The return on investment should be measured in that invested
coin e.g. BTC or ETH, but never in MN coins which exchanges ́ rate usually gets dumped on
the day the coin is listed on an exchange. Means, a masternode coin with 2000% ROI and
a node price on the ICO of 4.000 USD, could show after the first hours on an exchange a
huge dump, which leads into an extremely low ROI in the original investment currency, and
the node with its investment will virtually never pay off.

Also, high ROIs without any real coin consumption usually leads to hyperinflation and a
hard coin price deprecation.

The OMNS coin is designed to avoid these flaws. Initially moderate block rewards
measured in OMNS along with a mechanism of a constant coin consumption
guarantees the demand of the coin being always higher than the offer, leading to absence
of the coin deprecation, than a higher ROI measured in the invested currency.

The OMNS coin is designed to be a high value asset to increase the demand, that's why the
masternodes´ collateral is set to 1 OMNS coin.

All OmniStore main services, including the OmniStore.Bazaar will be exclusively paid by
OMNS coins only.

Join OmniStore coinsale

Register on OmniStore service
Buy OmniStore coin
1 OMNS = 0.5 BTC

OmniStore masternodes

OmniStore masternode collateral is 1 OMNS
Masternode installation guide

OmniStore local wallets
Linux distro
macOS Qt wallet
Windows x64 distro
Windows x32 distro
Raspbian x64 distro
Raspbian x32 distro

OmniStore media

OmniStore website
OmniStore twitter
OmniStore telegram
OmniStore discord

List your coin on OmniStore

To list your coin on OmniStore, please contact OmniStore developers: Arthur van Dijk [OmniStore]#1178

Let’s play a game where I propose a statement and we respond together. Ready? Do you like the idea of keeping all of your money in one place for hackers to steal? No. Is the idea of letting someone else control your cryptocurrency appealing? No. When your crypto exchange goes down due to maintenance or server problems, is that enjoyable? No.

Maybe you can guess where this is going, especially if you agreed with all of the provided answers above. In the modern market, it seems like the main reason centralized exchanges remain so popular is mainly due to one thing: convenience.

With that in mind, if there was a way to make decentralized exchanges better, would you start using them?

What exactly is a DEX?

A DEX, by definition, is a decentralized exchange that matches pairs of users looking to trade and allows them to trade without an intermediary institution taking control of their funds. This type of decentralized exchange is more in line with how cryptocurrencies work, but up until the recent past, they were pretty awkward to use.
There are a few DEXs that dominate the market: Changelly , IDEX, and Shapeshift . All of these DEXs operate using similar concepts. The most important thing is that they all operate in a decentralized, non-custodial fashion and, ideally, they never directly control a user’s funds. The benefits of a DEX are that they offer anonymity, give users control over their funds, are more resistant to hacks, typically have far less downtime (thank you, decentralization!), and they usually aren’t controlled by a small cabal of elites.

Anyway, they fall short when compared with centralized exchanges in terms of user-friendly interfaces, trading tool options, liquidity, latency (no thanks to you, decentralized nodes), and preventing front running.

Between the three aforementioned DEXs, there are some slight differences that set each apart.  Changelly
, for instance, allows a flat-fee rate on all trades to make it as simple as possible for their users to calculate the cost. Shapeshift, on the other hand, gives its users a few different trade speeds – basic “quick” trades and more targeted “precise” trades to help combat slippage. IDEX may be the most user-friendly of the three since it looks like a traditional exchange, but it operates in a custodial fashion that isn’t ideal. They give users the ability to easily trade ERC20 tokens via peer-to-peer, but they have to deposit coins on the exchange to do so.

As you can see, they all try to copy specific perks to compete with the traditional centralized exchanges when in reality the answer might be a different approach entirely…

Digital asset ecosystem (DAE)

As the market has grown, so has the innovation and creativeness of developers and blockchain-based companies. A DAE is an ecosystem where a DEX can thrive. The DAE brings more functionality to the DEX, since it pairs the decentralized exchange aspect with other desirable programs, dApps, and features.


As with DEXs, there are many different DAEs in the field at the moment. Three major ones that are making a big impact on the scene are Volentix, Vite,and LocalCoin. It shouldn’t be a surprise that they’d all have their own individual perks just as various DEXs do. However, the differences are a bit more pronounced.

Volentix has a large assortment of features for users to use: Verto (multi-currency wallet), Venue (community-building platform), Vespucci (crypto rating agency), VDEX (decentralized exchange), Valoro (news platform), and VTX (digital asset). In the Volentix world, these all come together to give users a broad range of services to manage and interact with their cryptocurrencies. One neat aspect is that Verto can interact with nearly any blockchain, which really opens up VDEX’s functionality for users.

Vite, the simplest of the three, offers users a platform, an exchange, payment abilities, and a wallet (in the event that they don’t have their own). It links all of these features together on a decentralized network, and opts for simplicity and speed over enhanced user features. This tradeoff is risky, but it might be ideal for the users who don’t want all the bells and whistles.

LocalCoin is kind of like the well-known LocalBitcoins, but bigger and more decentralized. They give users a way to interact with a ton of decentralized companies and dApps, and they rely on over-the-counter trading instead of a DEX. LocalCoin, since it is a conglomerate of companies, gives its users access to a bank, a messaging app, a social network, an ICO accelerator, and third-party DEXs – all of which are based on the blockchain.

Out of all these DAEs, Volentix offers the most comprehensive suite of features to help users get the most out of their DEX experience. Changelly might uphold the basic requirements of a DEX but is it enough on its own? Or do we need an infrastructure similar to what Volentix proposes, especially for providing a seamless experience for users new to DEXs?

Getting the full package
DEXs are the future, without a doubt, but will DAEs have a place alongside them? DAEs are, afterall, just a more functional DEX. But whether or not we need the additional features is still up for debate. Looking at Volentix and Changelly gives us an idea of how these two different concepts rank up.

When it comes to decentralization and security, Volentix and Changelly compare pretty evenly – the main difference being that Volentix offers a cross-blockchain wallet that is integrated with their platform that makes it easier than ever to manage ALL your crypto in one place. Ease of use is also fairly even between these two, as they both require a bit of a learning curve for new users. It could be argued that since Changelly is a more simple platform it pulls ahead in ease of use, but once you learn how to use a DEX you could easily transition into a DAE. Unfortunately, we are still in the early stages with DAEs, so even though a lot of what Volentix offers on paper looks great, we have yet to see it in action. Changelly is already up and running, so it is just a matter of encouraging users to shift to a DEX to help their platform grow.

Between the two concepts, DAEs, and DEXs, it really boils down to how much the user wants. Do they want a one-stop-shop where everything they need is integrated into a decentralized ecosystem? If so, then a DAE is definitely going to be more preferable. But first, the users need to make that first step and be willing to transfer from the ever more insecure centralized exchange world to a more decentralized solution.



Paysic platform- not just another blockchain project

Paysic is a payment processing system allowing users to send money anytime and everywhere with the safety of blockchain.
This gives you- the user the tools to send and receive funds with the security of the blockchain without the speed, cost, or size limitations from the banks or other money transaction providers (more about the transaction fees later).

Paysic is a next-generation platform for sending and receiving funds in FIAT or CRYPTO currencies using Blockchain technology all for an extremely low fee.
Paysic allows you to send money for a flat fee of 0.14 USD without any limitations. Paysic uses a simple API that lets user transfer money, replacing wire transfers for the transaction considerably shortening the time of the transaction to 45 seconds on average, keeping or even increasing safety all that for a fee that is lower than anywhere else.
For every transaction under 10USD, the transaction is free, allowing businesses to implement the payment system to their offer.

What we have already done:

  • Platform development is nearing the end
  • More than 1400 businesses are ready to start accepting Paysic cards when the platform is launched
  • The project is fully backed up by the President of Slovenia and funded by Slovenian and American investors


In a nutshell, what is PSR token?
PSR token is a link between Paysic payment platform and cryptocurrencies, users who will want to pay using cryptocurrencies will either have the choice to pay with BTC, ETH or PSR, but paying with PSR will get them 0.5% cashback for any transaction made to the business.

In which currency will business owners be paid?
Paysic is using money pools to operates, allowing users to pay with cryptocurrency but businesses still being paid in FIAT. Combining both pools and OTC (over the counter) exchange for token stability and to ensure that fiat pool is filled, the crypto to FIAT system provides fast (transaction to the business is done in the same minute) and cheap (0,14USD)  transactions.

Who are your partners and advisors?
Right now, Paysic has more than 1400 businesses ready to accept Paysic card in the five different countries (UEA, Slovenia, Croatia, China, USA).
Our advisory board comes from all parts of the world (Slovenia, USA, Russia, China, New Zeland, Japan, South Korea).

Is there Paysic whitepaper?
Paysic whitepaper will be released on the 9th of September 2019, when the core platform will be issued. For now, the platform will only consist of FIAT payment option. Once the whitepaper will be released it will be posted here!



XDS This is not only a completely new platform in the world of Cryptonight, but also a well-known old image of cryptocurrencies.
Unlike other cryptocurrencies, all of our Premin will go into your wallets. How??? Find out in Discord.
Unlike any other developers, we do not hide behind the coin. For details on the site in the team tab.
We want you to be anonymous, not us. We make a coin for you, not for ourselves.

What you will see plunged into the world of XDS?

Decentralized Deesseel Platform for anonymous freelancing
Low withdrawal fees
The fastest transactions
$ 8.95 Fixed Price
Limited Emission Total 1,000,000 XDS
Rating system and complete anonymity of the user!
On our freelance market you can order, from software development in any programming language to creating a logo for the site for XDS
Also, you can always sell XDS directly on the exchange of freelancing

EMISSION:  - 1,000,000
POOL:  -

Source :

Deesseel Source:  -
Deesseel Wallet Source:  -


Windows Wallet:  -
Linux Wallet:  -
MacOS Wallet: -

New mining pool for Deesseel platform (XDS) is available now at


Promethium Coin - Peoples Money 2019
Ticker: PCM

This is a pre ann, as we are moving closer to the mainnet launch we will update GitHub and official site.
Please join our discord or our keybase group for more info.


In nature, Promethium is a chemical element with the symbol Pm and atomic number 61. All of its isotopes are radioactive; it is extremely rare, with only about 500–600 grams naturally occurring in Earth's crust at any given time.

On-chain, the Promethium coin represents the people's money(PM) as it is based on fair distribution and steady inflation. Without a single coin pre-mined, no ICO or any other fundraising.

Promethium coin aims to be a global currency representing also as a store of value by unifying APIs, from virtual goods such as artwork, music, game items to 3rd party applications.

We have chosen to implement a new proof of work algorithm called Promethium-Loaded-Hash (PLHash).
PLHash is very similar to a brand new approach to proof of mining algorithms by Jeffrey Emanuel * but with some differences.

We use only the 512 outputs and add reverse replication in two of the passes that are needed, the passes are  SHA256+rev, SHA512, SHA512, BLAKE2S+rev, BLAKE2B.
We also chose to do simple arithmetic on the final hash A+B-C*D/E instead of a multiplication of all the resulting hashes.
Forks may update the pool of math functions used(we will start the network with 100) that will make the production of ASIC machines impossible and will keep the network as decentralized as possible. More info on that on the medium article.
Our goal is to keep the mining in a decentralized manner and as much as possible more GPU friendly.

This mining algorithm along with the 51% protection (inspired by Horizen) and the node maturity engine, will ensure that the network stays attractive for our main target group which is the average user with a GPU that would like to create some value with his machine or interact with other users and trade value and stay safe from the known attacks.

Via the wallet that represents the core application of the chain, the user will be able to connect with other peers and transact or trade goods with safety via the provided APIs.
The user will be able to post offers or receive offers from other peers and interact on those via a secure escrow system handled by the smart contracts.
On top of that, an alias system unique for each user will be applied so that reviewing and rating can be applied to users(vendors).

In the first release of the wallet application trades will be only available for the APIs that the smart contract support and can evaluate.

With the addition of the sidechains, nodes will eventually be rated and have a maturity time on the network to ensure a healthy decentralized community. Honest nodes that will stay active over a threshold of time will have the ability to share the blockchain while newcomers will have to depend on the boot nodes and the honest nodes to get the chain data.
This will ensure that Sybil attacks are not possible and there will be no need to add master nodes to secure the chain later on.

Finally, a stable coin pair will be introduced in the second quarter of 2020 based on side chains, with the ability for every wallet to mint directly Promethium-Coin to Promethium-USD and Promethium-EUR (more pairs are planned) so that users can more convenient manage they're incomes and savings.

Some key points of the Promethium chain.

Chain :
ASIC resistant with a new mining algorithm PLHash.
Based on the proven Ethereum codebase that enables the use of smart contracts.
51% attack protection.
No initial coin offering (ICO).
No pre-mine.
Developers reward 15%(phase 1) dropping to 10%(phase 2)  to 5%(phase 3) and finally to 3%(phase 4).
Side-chain system for use of aliases and rating system for nodes.
Stable coins.


API integration via the wallet for all majors platforms for virtual goods(Bandcamp, Steam and so on).
On-chain games via the wallet.

APIs for the first release of the wallet:
Bandcamp(music, artworks)
Steam(virtual items)

Specs :
Algo: PLHash
Block Time: 14s
Pre-mine: No
Master nodes: No
Dev Reward: Yes (phased)
Ticker: PCM


Q3 2019
Mainnet launch.
Wallets via node or metamask,myetherwallet.

Q4 2019
Wallet release with support for aliases and p2p offers, trades, and escrow.

Q1 2020
Mobile wallets.
Complete tor integration.
BLS signatures.

Q2 2020
Promethium USD EUR stable coins.
On-chain games.


Phase 01
Block Reward: 3 PCI Coins per Block
Miners Reward: 85%
Developers Reward: 15%
Duration: 3.000.000 blocks
Total Coins generated: 9.000.000 PCM
Coins awarded to miners: 7.650.000 PCM
Coins awarded to the team: 1.350.000 PCM
Total coins in existence: 9.000.000 PCM

Phase 02
Block Reward: 2 PCI Coins per Block
Miners Reward: 90%
Developers Reward: 10%
Duration: 1.500.000 blocks
Total Coins generated: 3.000.000 PCM
Coins awarded to miners: 2.700.000 PCM
Coins awarded to the team: 300.000 PCM
Total coins in existence: 12.000.000 PCM

Phase 03
Block Reward: 1 PCI Coins per Block
Miners Reward: 95%
Developers Reward: 5%
Duration: 1.500.000 blocks
Total Coins generated: 1.500.000 PCM
Coins awarded to miners: 1.425.000 PCM
Coins awarded to the team: 75.500 PCM
Total coins in existence: 13.500.000 PCM

Phase 04
Block Reward: 1 PCI Coins per Block
Miners Reward: 97%
Developers Reward: 3%
Duration: §blocks

(a very similar  idea and python implementation from Jeffrey Emanuel from Anime Coin)
MEXO is a blockchain protection project with the ability to send signed transactions. The project has fast transactions, low commission for transfers.

In addition, the distinctive features are:
Without premine
Not ico
No bounty programs
Quick access to stock exchanges
Without masternode
As well as many other features, which we describe in the future.
There will be no coin sale. The coins will be mined and available
soon after on several exchanges to be named.
We believe this to be a much fairer way of launching our project.
There will be a maximum of 255 Million coins ever created.
Mexo has been developed to offer the next generation of a better experience for miners. Mexo was first developed by forking the Ethereum protocol. This forked version of Ethereum provides everything offered by the original Ethereum experience, but protected with MexoGuard Protocol,  a new security mechanism inspired by the by the Horizen and the Pirl penalty systems built on top of Ethash (Dagger-Hashimoto). With the deployment of MexoGuard Protocol, the chances of a successful 51% attack on the protocol are eliminated.

This is Pre launch MEXO blockchain.

Coin name: Mexocoin
Ticker : MXO
Algorithm : Dagger Hashimoto
Coin Type: POW
Max. supply: 255,000,000
Block reward: 125 MXO
Block Time: 2.5 minutes
Max Block Size: 2mb
Max tx/s: 276 tx/s
RPC port: 20945
P2P port: 20946
Ico: No
Pre-Mine: No
Masternode: No
Pre-Sale: No


Explorer (launch 30/08)

Mining pools
launch today

Check this topic !

in the plans Listing on Tradesatoshi september-november
Auditchain - Decentralized Continuous Audit & Protocol EcosystemTM


Investing in cryptocurrency is one the most dangerous things you can do financially. Please do not invest if you have either 1) a need for liquidity (cash on hand) or 2) cannot afford to lose your complete investment.

The Auditchain project is a complex and comprehensive project within the financial auditing industry which is not easily understood by outsiders. Below follows a very simplified and “ELI5” (explain like I am 5) explanation. Many questions are answered in the whitepaper, so please read it carefully and multiple times!

Current Status of Traditional Assurance

An audit is, simply speaking, an opinion based on inspection of the operational and financial state of a company. Audits are needed to express to shareholders or people with an interest in the company, that financially speaking, the company is telling the truth “in all material respects”. This means that the information that the auditor expresses an opinion on “presents fairly” in all material respects, the financial and operating condition of the enterprise. That statement, as stated in every annual report carries a high degree of subjectivity and is conditional upon a lot of other things, such as the management’s ability to maintain control over disclosure controls. Auditors are tasked with expressing a set of opinions, not facts. However, there are three critical flaws to this system:

1) the Auditor is giving an opinion, which is subject to bias and can be influenced by the company.
2) the evidence that is provided to the Auditor comes from the company itself, usually once a quarter an on an annual basis. This gives the company enough time to alter the evidence in their favor.
3) IT IS NOT THE AUDITORS JOB TO SPECIFICALLY DETECT FRAUD. That is a different kind of an audit.

Why is this important?

The most obvious reason is to maintain integrity. In 2018 alone, fraud resulted in the theft of over $7 Billion according to the ACFE. You can read the most recent Report to the Nations. Read the report. However, there is another important reason to change this process. As the world has become more connected and services are available 24/7, the financial state of companies should also be available 24/7 for investors and shareholders. Investors, hedge funds, VCs and fund managers should be able to check the status of their investment in a company or entity at any time, whether the company raised their funds through ICO, IEO or in traditional ways. DIGITAL ASSETS NEED REAL TIME ASSURANCE AND DISCLOSURE! ITS UP TO EXCHANGES TO REQUIRE IT!

The Solution - Auditchain

The DCARPE Assurance and Disclosure Platform will enable continuous enterprise state machine and real time financial performance external validation by a network of CPAs and Chartered Accountants for issuers of digital assets. The DCARPE Explorer will render real time financial statement data as well as audit analytics in REAL TIME. The DCARPE Explorer will also offer public subscriptions to deeper financial detail and audit analytics as well as the ability to access tools to build dynamically updating thesis-based reports that ultimately have the potential to mechanize the foresight of oncoming risk.

This solves the two flaws in the current auditing system:

1) The auditors running the nodes are not connected to the company. They are truly independent.
2) The company must adapt their systems to provide cryptographically verifiable data in real time, which removes the time lapse and attack vectors from data delivery to the external validating nodes.

Please review our whitepaper for a full overview of the ecosystem Auditchain is building.

Staking Incentives and Rewards

All external validators and service providers such as software providers are required to purchase and stake AUDT. Enterprises stake AUDT to pay for services and assurance. Software providers that provide accounting and human resource software must stake AUDT. They get paid AUDT for providing the software to enterprise users. Auditors must also stake AUDT. They also get paid AUDT for providing attestations on each data block. They also get charged for not providing assurance when it is appropriate. This promotes and enforces a healthy gamified environment.

Auditchain is secured through Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. 85% of the rewards are distributed to the external validators and 15% is distributed to Auditchain and DCARPE Alliance, its affiliate for development of the network and education.

Please refer to the whitepaper for more technical details regarding “Network and Consensus Governance”

DCARPE Alliance

The DCARPE™ Alliance is a global coalition of members of the accounting, audit, financial reporting, legal, blockchain, investment and regulatory community, (the “Alliance”). The purpose of the Alliance is to provide education, drive technology innovation and open source engineering, and promote the adoption of continuous audit and real time financial reporting using the DCARPE™ Assurance and Disclosure Protocol.
Auditchain is the founding member of the Alliance and is leading the development of DCAPRE with other members of the Alliance in the technical category. The DCARPE Assurance and Disclosure Protocol is the world’s first decentralized continuous audit and financial reporting protocol ecosystem for digital asset assurance and disclosure.

The Alliance is segmented in four categories;
•   Financial Reporting & Assurance – CPAs, Chartered Accountants Individual and Corporate Experts in Active Practice
•   Technical – Developers and Third-Party Software Providers
•   Legal and Regulatory - Law Firms, Regulators, Academics
•   Gatekeepers – Digital Asset Exchanges, Securitization and Tokenization Platforms

Members in the assurance and financial reporting category of the Alliance will act as service providers in the DCARPE ecosystem. The Alliance members include Certified Public Accountants and Chartered Accountants who are system and organizational control auditors as well as financial statement auditors. They will operate external validating (“audit”) nodes on the network. This is the Assurance and Reporting category.

Members in the technical category of the Alliance are developers, enterprise software, technology and systems integration will act as service providers by adapting and integrating instances of their software into DCARPE for consumption and utilization by enterprises. This is the technical membership category.

Members from the legal, regulatory and academic community provide thought leadership on the benefits of continuous assurance and real time financial disclosure as well as how it can shape the evolution of existing legislature. This category represents the thought leadership category.  

Members who provide digital asset origination, distribution, listing and trading services are the gatekeepers. They are tokenization and securitization platforms as well as digital asset exchanges.

There are currently 50 members of the DCARPE™ Alliance. The contributing members are companies who are global leaders in providing financial reporting software products and related services, XBRL software, accounting software APIs, Blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning software and consulting services.

The remaining members are CPAs, Chartered Accountants and academic thought leaders in accounting, audit and financial reporting.

Why Auditchian Adoption?

Digital Assets Need Real Time Transparency. It’s Up to Exchanges to Require It. Unless digital asset exchanges begin to demonstrate improvements in listing standards, risk controls and transparency, regulatory compliance and mass adoption will be extremely difficult.

Traditional exchanges such as Deutsche Borse, NYSE, NASDAQ and SIX have strict listing standards that require all assets to submit to audit and review. Every traditional exchange also submits to audit and review. Failure to report financial results on time is cause for regulatory enforcement action and “delisting”.

We believe that digital asset exchanges have another chance to remain innovative and set an example for the global financial system by creating a new listing category reserved for digital asset listings and IEOs that agree to provide real time financial transparency subject to continuous external validation assurance by adopting DCARPE.
Auditchain is partnering with digital asset exchanges who will act as early adopters to integrate DCARPE via API into their digital asset exchange listing and launchpad platforms. It’s a strategic move by digital asset exchanges to collaborate and demonstrate innovation and advancements in disclosure and transparency. It is also the key to avoid being shut down by governments and regulators for failing to protect investors and otherwise failing to promote and enforce, market integrity and full and fair disclosure.

Why Blockchain?

Blockchain in its essence is an accounting system. It is the best use case for a blockchain. It is a distributed ledger of records that are protected by cryptographic hashes, which cannot be changed once it is on the blockchain. This makes it perfectly suited for transparent, immutable financial records.


Based on much research, we believe we have a first mover advantage. We also believe that based on much research, there are no other projects that are building a decentralized continuous audit and financial reporting protocol.


Here is demo video of the DCARPE Explorer;




The team can be viewed on our website which contains the most current information. Please visit



Token Generation Event and Token Metrics

Auditchain will be conducting a token generation event, (“TGE”) of a total of 250,000,000 AUDT which will initially be launched on the Ethereum network through the deployment of an ERC20 smart contract.

A total of up to 100,000,000 AUDT will be sold to early adopters, 45,000,000 will be allocated for the “Proof of HODL” Airdrop, 25,833,333 will be allocated to the team, up to 25,833,333 will be allocated to advisers, up to 25,833,333 will be allocated in connection with partnerships, 15,000,000 will be allocated to early adopters and up to 12,500,000 will be allocated in connection with our bounty campaign.

AUDT will used by subscribers to consume granulated levels of financial detail and audit analytics published by enterprise adopters of the DCARPE™ Assurance and Disclosure Protocol through the DCARPE™ Explorer.

In addition to the initial AUDT token supply and subject to block times, consensus proposals and improvements, approximately 12,500,000 additional AUDT tokens will be rewarded to all Federated and Non-Federated nodes per year which amounts to approximately 237 AUDT tokens per block depending on block times.


Initial Exchange Offering

The first phase will begin on ExMarkets on June 14, 2019. This thread will be updated with additional exchange IEO listings. See the official announcement here.

Auditchain will be entering into partnerships with other exchanges to conduct initial exchange offerings, (“IEO”). We will conduct a total of three phases of our IEO.

We are only choosing exchanges who agree join the DCARPE Alliance and partner with us by integrating the DCARPE Assurance and Disclosure Protocol into the exchange, create a separate listing category for digital assets that provide externally validated financial disclosure using the DCARPE Assurance and Disclosure Protocol.

IEO Terms


Price: $0.20 USD
Tokens for sale: 1,000,000
Blockchain: Ethereum: (ERC20)
Currency pairs: BTC, ETH, USDC, EUR
Mandatory KYC
Restricted countries: United States of America, Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, N. Korea, Syria, Myanmar, China, Haiti, Liberia, Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan, or the Democratic Republic of the Congo

“Proof of HODL” Airdrop

Auditchain intends to make four (4) airdrops to early adopters of up to a total of 45,000,000 AUDT following the last phase of its IEO. The Airdrop will occur pursuant to the following eligibility conditions; (i) Wallet addresses must contain a balance of AUDT Tokens at the time of the snapshot, (ii) the balance of AUDT Tokens contained in each wallet address must be identical in state to the snapshot for each of the consecutive blocks following the snapshot with one exception; AUDT Token balances may be increased between the snapshot and the Airdrop but never decreased. In order to meet eligibility requirements, no AUDT may be moved out or transferred from a wallet address at any time between each snapshot and each Airdrop.


Airdrop Distribution Schedule

Each Airdrop will be distributed to eligible wallets which will receive an allocation of AUDT proportionate to their stake in the total amount of AUDT held by eligible wallets. This will be calculated using the following formula:

Airdrop Amount X Number of AUDT Held/Total Number of Eligible AUDT Held=Airdrop Allocation

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Please visit our bounty thread here

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