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We offer premium classes to learn forex trading using the FMCBR method. In our private class, we will teach you basic FMCBR techniques only using candlesticks and some standard indicators. Traders Can learn the momentum that occurs in the market, Understanding Trend Changes (Reversal Trend), Pullback Market Limits and 12 Entry Techniques on the Market, This technique is very useful to maximize your profits and also minimize the level of loss that will be obtained.

Here are our subject for our private forex training using FMCBR method
12 Entry technic using candlestick
1. Entry Level 1 (EL1)
2. Entry Level 2 (*Initial Candle Break *Mother Candle and also CB1)
3. Entry Level 3 (Learning CB2)
4. Entry Level 4 (Momentum Candle)
5. Entry Level 5 (Entry After EL4)
6. Entry Level 6 (ABC Candle)
7. Entry Level 7 (Momentum Candle)
8. Entry Level 8 (One To One Break)
9. Entry Level 9 (Head and Shoulder pattern)
10.Entry Level 10(Shadow Candle)
11.Entry Level 11(Stopper SnR + SnR2)
12.Entry Level 12(Hybrid Setup)
*Mapping Price Movement
*AO Master

Subject  : Full Candlestick and Fibonaci Method
Estimate Time : 8-10 Hours
Only available in Indonesia, we will provide online forex school soon

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